Durham Capital Investments announce the launch of a new wealth management firm in the Asia-Pacific region

We are pleased to announce the launch of Durham Capital Investments, a new expatriate wealth management company based in Hong Kong, which will focus on global diversification with a progressive approach to finding new investment opportunities.

Durham Capital Investments will be looking to unearth exciting investment opportunities and find gaps in the market which have been overlooked by our competitors, while holding firm to our principles of fiduciary responsibility, financial transparency, and responsible investing designed to promote long-term economic growth.

The focus of our work will be on providing quality financial services to a wide-ranging clientele, catering to both independent investors and institutional entities, and delivering reliable service to all our clients, regardless of their investment capabilities. We will specialize in asset management strategies, offshore solutions, and private equity investments, as we seek to become an advisory firm for the true global citizen.

All our researchers and advisors will be strongly encouraged to look and think outside the box in order to open up new investment possibilities and create an environment where our firm is able to establish itself as an industry leader. We have a vast and dedicated Research & Analysis department which will be working tirelessly on behalf of our clients, while our overall strategy will be based on diversification among a broad range of global assets.

We are steadfast in our commitment to our fiduciary responsibility, and we will operate with a policy of complete transparency while offering full disclosure of all fees and commissions at all times. We feel that it is our duty to act as a guardian of the high fiduciary standards that we believe the industry should adhere to, and we will try to ensure that other companies in the region also observe the global regulations put in place to protect investors.

We are excited about the future and we look forward to establishing ourselves in the industry on a global scale.

CEO Douglas Thompson said, “I felt that investors needed to have an alternative to the long list of traditional wealth management firms which offer the same advice and investments, as well as the ubiquitous complicated fee structures and hidden charges which have blighted the financial advisory industry for many years. We are committed to serving our clients with complete transparency and, even more importantly, giving them more options of where to invest their money. The team we have gathered around us is strong and passionate, and we are all very excited about the future.”


We are a wealth management company which specializes in portfolio management, institutional and private equity investments, and offshore solutions. We believe in responsible investing which is designed to promote long-term economic growth, and in a progressive approach to finding investment opportunities. We take pride in building long-term relationships with our clients and institutional partners, and in helping them to achieve financial success through tailor-made investment strategies.