Durham Capital Investments announce the launch of the new DCI China Multi-Asset Fund

We are pleased to be able to now offer our clients to invest in our new DCI China Multi-Asset Fund, which will concentrate on capturing the capital gain and income opportunities which we feel are being presented by the Chinese markets at the moment.

We believe that China is undergoing an economic and social transformation, driven primarily by the rise in the upper-middle-class population and the change in consumer behavior, and that there are new and exciting opportunities opening up, driven by a new breed of institutional investors who are entering the markets. We aim to capture and offer our clients the growth and income opportunities presented in the China markets right now.

The fund will offer active asset allocation with a comprehensive risk management policy, and it will be apportioned between Chinese equities (60%), Cash Equivalents (15%), and Chinese Bonds (25%), which we feel are most suitably positioned to take advantage of the growth opportunities which are available in the Chinese markets at this moment in time.

The fund will invest in both H-Shares and A/B Shares within the Equities market, and both Offshore and Onshore RMB in the Bonds market, and we will ensure that we manage the exposure to any onshore equities and fixed income assets in order to take advantage of the growth opportunities presented by onshore assets.

The DCI China Multi-Asset Fund will be diversified across many industry sectors, but will focus primarily in Financials, Health Care, and Renewable Energy, which we feel are the areas which show the highest growth potential. Asset allocation will sometimes deviate from the range set out in our fund brochure in order to accurately reflect and negotiate market fluctuations.

Investors will be rewarded primarily through income on assets, with regular monthly payouts and a sustainable income stream provided mainly by the fixed income assets. In addition, there will be a comprehensive risk management strategy on currency and interest rates in order to reduce the potential of loss during downturns in the markets.

Director of Institutional Investments, Jeff Hadley, said, “China is undergoing an economic transformation and we are looking to take advantage of the opportunities which are emerging. We have been considering creating such a fund for a long time, and we have worked hard in order to structure it in a way which is designed to capture the best opportunities while minimizing the risk exposure for our clients.”


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