Durham Capital Investments are pleased to announce the launch of our new Durham Capital Investments Incubator Unit

We are pleased to be able to announce the culmination of our Corporate Responsibility (CORE) program’s first initiative, the PET (Promote Entrepreneurial Talent) project, with the launch of a new incubator unit, based in Hong Kong and Beijing, and staffed by the successful applicants of the PET program.

We have conducted a long series of interviews, examinations and aptitude tests in order to find the most promising entrepreneurial talent within our local community, and the successful applicants have then been invited to work within our company for the last two months.

We have been working concurrently with several of the brightest minds in Hong Kong and the People’s Republic of China in order to build an incubator unit which will then find and nurture prospective start-ups in the technology field, and we now have a team which is actively looking to find new projects for investment.

While the senior staff of the team have been outsourced, the rest of the incubator unit is comprised of the PET project’s successful applicants, who will now begin to work on the various start-ups and early stage development companies which will be chosen by our investment experts.

This is the first step in what we hope will be a highly profitable venture for our company as we look to find and invest in exciting start-up opportunities, and at the same time offer valuable experience to our new employees in the logistics of launching new companies.

We will then look to pass these investing opportunities on to our clients, and then re-invest in order to fund new projects and ideas which may arise from any future CORE ventures.

CEO Douglas Thompson said, “This is very exciting. We now have a specialist team dedicated to finding the next big private venture start up investment opportunity, and it is staffed largely by the first of CORE’s searches for young business talent. These young guys will now have the opportunity to see first-hand and close-up how a new start-up is launched and managed through its early development phase, and they will then have the opportunity to come to us with their ideas, which we can then invest in and help them to launch. This is merely the start of this project, and I think it will prove to be highly profitable for our company and ultimately our investors.”


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