Durham Capital Investments are proud to announce the launch of the Durham Capital Investments Entrepreneurial Business Program

We are proud to announce the launch of the Durham Capital Investments Entrepreneurial Business Program (EBP), another groundbreaking initiative from our Corporate Responsibility (CORE) program, which was founded in order to find, nurture, and assist the brightest and most innovative business minds of the future.

The Entrepreneurial Business Program (EBP) is designed to find and sponsor graduate students from the most respected Universities in China, who are then encouraged to conceive and formulate business projects which show true innovation and promise to succeed in today’s business world.

We have spent a long time searching for and identifying the right candidates, and we have put together a Board of Advisors who are tasked to act as a think-tank for new proposals for new business ventures, with special focus on ideas which display innovation within an existing business model.

We will choose the ideas with the best chance of advancement and success and we will fund the research and development process, while guiding our apprentices and helping them by sharing our resources, knowledge, experience and contact network. We are aspiring to find ideas which are aimed at re-structuring existing business models or management structures, identifying potential new sources of income, attracting a new customer base, or new models of financing.

We are confident that this enterprise will yield tangible results which will have the potential to change the business world within several different fields.

 CEO Douglas Thompson, said, “This project has a massive scope with a very wide-ranging objective. We are looking for the kind of thinking which has the potential to change and shape the business world.”


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