Durham Capital Investments announce the launch of the new DCI Fintech Fund

We are pleased to announce the launch of our exciting DCI Fintech Fund, which will focus primarily on companies which are ideally positioned to take advantage of and become industry leaders in the digitalization of the financial sector, with a long-term perspective.

The DCI Fintech Fund will invest approximately 70% of its assets into companies which are focused on the application of technology in the financial services industry, or through the design, development, manufacture or distribution of components, systems, or technologies which are primarily used by companies within the financial services industry.

The DCI Fintech Fund will combine capital growth and income generated by the Fund’s assets, and will concentrate on med- and large-cap companies within the global developed markets. The fund will also take advantage of financial derivative instruments for more efficient portfolio management, thus minimizing its risk exposure.

The fund will be aimed primarily at our institutional partners, but will also be made available to any of our individual clients who are able to meet the necessary minimum entry level requirements.

Director of Institutional Investments, Jeff Hadley, said, “We are very excited about this fund and we are confident of identifying the most appealing firms within the financial industry with regards to the digitalization of the financial industry trend which we are witnessing right now. We will of course use fundamental analysis to find companies which hold an attractive relative valuation with limited risk exposure.”


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