Durham Capital Investments announce the launch of a new Emerging Markets Fixed-Income Fund

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new DCI Emerging Markets Fixed-Income Fund, which will allow our clients to invest in a wide variety of fixed-income assets which have been issued by the governments and conglomerate corporations of emerging market countries.

The DCI Emerging Markets Fixed-Income Fund has been structured in such a way as to provide opportunities across a number of the most stable emerging markets, and we are pleased to be able to provide our clients with the benefits of investment diversification within their portfolio. This fund will provide more stability for our clients’ investment portfolio, while at the same time offering a stable income stream and assets to provide a balance in the event of volatile market fluctuations.

The DCI Emerging Markets Fixed-Income Fund will look to invest globally around 60% of its total assets in emerging market currencies, high yield bonds and savings bonds, government bonds and convertible bonds, and 40% in corporations and companies which are actually domiciled in developed countries but which have significant business operations based in emerging markets.

This fund will only be made available to our institutional clients and will be accessible in a wide range of share classes and different currencies in order to suit our wide-ranging client base. This fund will be subject to interest rate risks, exchange rate risks, and changing market conditions, and any investments in higher yielding assets also carry a greater risk of default and downgrading.

The DCI Emerging Markets Fixed-Income Fund will make use of futures, options, portfolio swaps, forward currency contracts, credit default swaps and other financial derivative instruments, for hedging or efficient portfolio management purposes, and it will also pay dividends out of gross income.

Director of Institutional Investments, Jeff Hadley, said, “We believe that this fund will provide stability and a steady income stream for our clients, and will improve our clients’ portfolio by providing flexible, high conviction exposure across various emerging market fixed income sectors, which we believe carry strong upside potential with limited risk.”


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