Durham Capital Investments announce the launch of a new DCI Family-Owned Company Investment Fund

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Durham Capital Investments Family-Owned Company Investment Fund, which will concentrate on family-owned private businesses which require private capital in order to expand.

It is estimated that family-owned businesses contribute around 80% of the world’s GDP, and that they outperform other businesses by around 7% on a global scale. We believe that this is because family-owned businesses will always have a stronger commitment to long-term growth, while engaging only in responsible investments, due to the implied responsibilities to the next generation.

The Fund will look to invest in companies which have outperformed the global equity markets over the last five years, and which have specific plans in place which require venture capital funds in order to expand the company and increase market share. We are concentrating on businesses where one or more members of the founding family holds at least 45% of voting rights, and which have a precise long-term objective with regards to expansion and growth.

We are looking primarily for companies which reflect our own values and outlook in terms of innovation, and which have a long-term perspective with regards to growth development opportunities. The Fund will not be restricted to a specific industry, and it will include both developed and emerging markets, while looking for businesses with proven track records and strong financial discipline with regards to growth opportunities during economic downturns.

The Fund will be aimed primarily at our institutional partners, but it will also be made available to any of our individual clients who are able to meet the minimum entry level requirements.

Director of Institutional Investments, Jeff Hadley, said, “We have been working hard on establishing this fund for a long time and we are extremely happy with its structure and the opportunities that we can now offer through it. There are very few opportunities for investors to capitalize on the strength of family-owned businesses, and we are happy to be able to offer our clients a well-defined and structured fund with a global strategy.”


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