Durham Capital Investments Announce the Launch of New Venture Capital Tech Start-Up Fund

We are pleased to be able to now offer our clients the opportunity to invest in our new Venture Capital Tech Start-Up Fund (VCTS), which will focus on providing venture capital for carefully selected high tech start-up ventures in the Asia-Pacific region which are already at the scale-up stage.

We believe that high tech SME companies are at the forefront of the smart revolution which is transforming the global economic landscape, and we believe that the Asia-Pacific region is a fertile breeding ground for innovative start-ups launched by enterprising and creative entrepreneurs who are well equipped to succeed in the marketplace. We are ready to invest in these companies and play a part in their growth by offering financial assistance, as well as our experience and network of contacts, in order for them to fulfill their potential.

The VCTS fund will identify companies which are either in the scale-up stage or in the first year of being fully operational, and which have growth potential, sound financials in order, and a comprehensive and well-structured long-term strategy in place in regards to expansion and growth opportunities. We will then invest in these companies and actively support them through sharing our resources, both in terms of funding and our experience and know-how with regards to operational management and market capitalization strategies.

We believe that these companies are the future of the smart technological-driven business landscape, and that the region as a whole, especially in terms of the consumer base, is geared towards becoming an industry leader in this sector. We have enormous confidence in the region’s innovation in the digitalization revolution which is shaping the marketplace at the moment, and we are ready to invest in it in order to help to accelerate the growth process and enable the expansion of market capitalization by these companies.

The fund will be aimed primarily at our institutional partners and accredited investors, but will also be made available to any of our individual clients who are able to meet the necessary minimum entry level requirements.

Director of Institutional Investments, Jeff Hadley, said, “We believe in the region’s ability to produce innovative entrepreneurs who are ready to create products and companies which can shape the future of the smart marketplace as a whole. The consumer market in the Asia-Pacific region is extremely receptive and positively responsive to new ideas and products and this can only help these companies to succeed.”


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