Durham Capital Investments’ Global Assets Under Management Continues Upward Curve

We are pleased to announce that we have recently achieved another milestone by surpassing $4 billion in Assets Under Management, which we believe is another significant step towards our objective of becoming an industry leader in the Asia-Pacific region.

While we feel that we still have a long way to go, this is testament to the dedication and excellence of our company as a whole, and we are proud of the progress that our company has made in a relatively short space of time. Our client base has grown as we have diversified our investments on a global scale, and we are proud that we have managed to help so many of our clients to build successful and profitable investment portfolios which truly reflect their financial objectives.

2020 has been a tumultuous year which has seen the Covid-19 pandemic bring about an unexpected market volatility almost as critical as the financial crisis of 2007/08, along with a general global liquidity crisis, resulting in extremely slow growth and decreased profit margins in many sectors. While the equity markets were able to recover, interest rates slumped to all-time lows and many investors struggled with finding new solutions to their wealth management in order to maintain their expected profitability.

We have actually seen a direct correlation between the investment challenges that the last year has produced and the increase in our clients’ need for more diversified investment solutions, and the economic uncertainty which the pandemic triggered compelled us to re-assess our strategies. We have been able to accurately assess and evaluate the global markets and find the appropriate solutions by adopting a strategy of global and sector diversification, and we are now seeing the rewards of our efforts, from which our clients have benefitted.

We have persuaded many of our institutional clients to consider a different methodology, especially in widening their outlook in terms of industries, trusting investments with potential for higher yield which might usually be considered high risk, and with private debt and Venture Capital opportunities in real estate and established private businesses. In addition, we have seen many institutional entities in the form of pension schemes and insurance companies forced to adopt more investment solutions in the operation of their wealth management.

We are looking forward to achieving more growth in the future and establishing ourselves as an industry leader in the region, and we feel sure that we will help more of our clients realize their goals through our help in managing their financial portfolio.

Durham Capital Investments CEO Douglas Thompson said, “I am extremely proud of our team in managing to turn the economic uncertainty and market volatility that the last year has produced to a positive outcome for our clients and their investment portfolios. The marketplace is not a fixed landscape and investors need to be willing to adapt from time to time as the market conditions dictate. This milestone in Assets Under Management, and the success of our investment funds, is testament to the faith placed in our investment team.”

Durham Capital Investments Director of Institutional Investments Jeff Hadley said, “The economic uncertainty that the pandemic instigated caused a bit of initial confusion in the markets as analysts struggled to adjust their estimates and valuations. Investors were forced to adapt to the challenging market conditions and investment portfolios now require more diversification across a broader sector spectrum, while there have been more opportunities for Venture Capital investments for investors who have been willing to look beyond the current investment horizon. We are extremely pleased with what we have achieved this last year, especially since it has helped us to achieve yet another financial milestone.”


We are a wealth management company built on the principles of fiduciary responsibility and responsible investing which is designed to promote long-term economic growth. We take pride in building long-term relationships with our clients and institutional partners, and in helping our clients to achieve financial success. Our investment philosophy is based on a progressive approach to finding investment opportunities, and we provide the same comprehensive service to all of our clients regardless of their investment capabilities.