Durham Capital Investments Announce the Launch of New Emerging Markets Equity Fund II

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new investment fund, the Emerging Markets Equity Fund II (“EMEF II”), which will concentrate on investing in companies which are undervalued across a broad spectrum of industries within the MSCI Emerging Markets sector.

The EMEF II represents an expansion of our Emerging Markets mutual funds products, and it follows the success of our Emerging Markets Fixed Income Fund, allowing us to offer all of our clients investment opportunities in an asset class which is generally the domain of institutional investors.

The EMEF II will adopt an approach which will rely on quantitative analysis of investment targets with deep value orientation, and, as always, it will seek to build a well diversified portfolio with a long-term outlook with regards to growth of capital, and it will concentrate on companies which have a market cap range of around $30 million or greater.

The EMEF II will seek to find companies which have been subject to market under-valuations due to either sector negative valuations based on past performance but not taking into account recent development, or investors’ judgmental bias based on misinformation and lack of access to statistical analysis, or lack of valuable company financial information.

The EMEF II will be made available to all investors who can meet the minimum entry level requirements of $5,000 for Investor Share Class, and $50,000 for Institutional Share Class.

Director of Institutional Investments Jeff Hadley said, “This Fund will identify companies which are riding a downturn in terms of stock valuation within the market place, but which we believe, based upon our own evaluations dependent on fundamental measures of company value, are showing signs of recovery or are about to reap the rewards of recent expansion measures, investments, or internal restructuring.”

CEO said, “The Emerging Markets Equity Fund has been in the making for a long time and we are pleased with the way that it has been structured, and we are especially happy to be able to offer this Fund to all of our clients.”

About Durham Capital Investments:

We are a wealth management company built on the principles of fiduciary responsibility and responsible investing which is designed to promote long-term economic growth. We take pride in building long-term relationships with our clients and institutional partners, and in helping our clients to achieve financial success. Our investment philosophy is based on a progressive approach to finding investment opportunities, and we provide the same comprehensive service to all of our clients regardless of their investment capabilities.