Here at Durham Capital Investments we have a team of wealth management financial consultants who, in conjunction with our Research & Analysis team, will work diligently on your behalf and scour the global markets in order to find the most exciting investment opportunities. In addition, we ensure to always follow any geopolitical and economic developments around the world in order to be better placed to predict future market fluctuations.


We will consult with you, and together we can design the ideal investment strategy in order to build a portfolio which is tailor-made to your specific investment objectives and risk tolerance. We will then advise you and offer you exciting investment opportunities through direct means or through investing in one of the funds available, and then carry out any transactions on your behalf.


We provide opportunities in:

  • Stocks – Common, preferred or restricted stock
  • Fixed-Income – Low risk bonds which provide regular income
  • Futures – Products with both hedging and speculative options
  • Mutual Funds – Mutual Funds and No Transaction-Fee Funds
  • ETFs – Over 250 Commission-free ETFs for more capital liquidity
  • Options – Speculate using leverage while hedging your position
  • IPOs – We specialize in IPOs and we have a team of analysts and researchers who evaluate businesses prior to going public


Contact us for a free consultation with one of our Financial Consultants