Corporate Responsibility

Durham Capital Investments is a wealth management company and our primary concern and duty is in helping our clients to achieve financial success, but we also believe firmly in our corporate and social responsibility. We believe in responsible investing which is designed to promote long-term economic growth, as well as enriching the lives of the community around us, and we deem this to be indispensable to building a brighter financial future for us, our clients, and our partner companies. We accept our responsibility and role in helping the companies we service to become financially strong businesses which can in turn generate more jobs and opportunities for those around them.


While we understand that we are custodians of our clients’ wealth and that we have an obligation to preserve that wealth and ensure that it endures and increases over time, we are also acutely aware of our role within the community in which we are based, and of our responsibility to any of the individuals associated with our firm. We believe that a successful business should always be thinking about how to improve the lives of both employees and clients, and also how it can help to enrich the lives of those in the community around them. We believe in creating programs which can help to foster socially aware individuals, entrepreneurs, and companies who share our values and the principles of corporate responsibility.


We are invested in several prominent global charity organizations, and we make regular contributions to various local charitable foundations and relief agencies which are committed to helping to improve the lives of the underprivileged within our immediate community. However, we do not believe that charity represents a long-term solution to economic challenges or inequalities. Rather, we believe in creating opportunities for individuals who show entrepreneurial potential, and helping them through providing guidance and financial assistance in order for them to achieve their dreams. We want to create several micro-economic models which can impact future generations.


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