Our Team

Executive Team:

Chief Executive Officer – Douglas Thompson

Chief Operating Officer – Martyn Ainsley

Director of Institutional Investments – Jeff Hadley

Chief Financial Analyst – Gunther Baumann

                                                                                                                              Director of Mergers and Acquisitions – Michael Fung

Director of Compliance – James Wentworth

Director of Litigations – Sian Matthews

Wealth Management: 

Portfolio Management Director – George Patterson

New Accounts Director – Edwin Kam 

Accounts – Peter Webster

Chief Financial Consultant – Eric Canavan

Pensions Client Relations Manager – Jenny Fisher

Insurance and Pensions Audit Manager – William Chan

Financial Planning and Analysis Manager – Jeremy Trent

Financial Management Officer – Sylvia Cook

Chief Portfolio Manager – Simon Knowles

Portfolio Manager – Zhifeng Cheung

Portfolio Manager – Christopher Watkins

Portfolio Manager – Neil Jenkins

Portfolio Manager – Martyn Brentworth

Chief Treasury Advisor – Harvey Kwong

Bancassurance Specialist – Timothy Hatton

Insurance Officer – Ryan Cross

Client Relationship Officer – Ben Whitehead

Client Relationship Manager – Tara Gibson-Moore

Research & Analysis Team:

Chief Financial Analyst – Harrold Shuster

Director of Research Department – Manish Patel

Senior Money Markets Analyst – Chin Guan

Money Markets Analyst – Wong Kwan

Senior Mergers and Acquisitions Analyst – Vihaan Laghari

Mergers and Acquisitions Manager – Avery Mullins

Mergers and Acquisitions Manager – Jackson Gregg

Senior Financial Analyst – Jerry  Leung

Financial Analyst – Jason Hung

Financial Analyst – Blake Cripps

Financial Analyst – Bruce Dalton

Financial Analyst – Paul Cowell

Chief Investment Research Manager – Tom Fields

Senior Investment Research Manager – Amanda Maxwell

Investment Research Manager – Rick Huntington

Investment Research Manager – Scott Johnson

Investment Research Manager – Elliot Welsh

Investment Research Assistant – Gerald Coombs

Investment Research Assistant – Wendy Churchill

Investment Services:

Director of Institutional Trading – Michael Ducet

Chief Institutional Investment Manager – Mark Kennedy

Mergers & Acquisitions Director – Simon Peterson

Private Equity Manager – Thomas Lynagh

Director of Global Real Estate – Gregory Watkins

Offshore Investment Analyst – Harold Meyer

Senior Financial Consultant – Kelly Pearson

Business Development Manager – Martin Webb

Senior Portfolio Manager – David West

Senior Portfolio Manager – Pak Hei Sun

Senior Portfolio Manager – Christopher Anderson

Senior Portfolio Manager –Christian Holt

Senior Portfolio Manager – Mark Turner

Senior Portfolio Manager – Graham Allcock

Senior Portfolio Manager – Peter Willis

Senior Portfolio Manager – Luke Marshall

Senior Portfolio Manager – Michel Boucher

Senior Portfolio Manager – Jicong Tam

Client Relationship Officer – Levi Abelman



Director of Operations – Tristan Willis

Director of Marketing & PR – Daniel Norwood

Chief Litigations Officer – Ron Johnson

Litigations Manager – Brian Gallagher

Director of Accounting – Kenneth Jefferson

Accounts Manager – Martha Kenwright

Accounts Manager – Anastasia Baranov

Chief Compliance Officer – Hanz Hoffman

Compliance Manager – Jim Bolton

Regulations Officer – Manuel Rojas

Chief Operations Officer – Roger Taylor

Senior Operations Manager – Choi Zhang

Operations Manager – Reka Klein

Steven Heung – Technical Team Director

Director of Contracts – Michael Stevens

Senior Contracts Manager – Bob Whitwell

Contracts Manager – Samantha Gibbons

Community Relations Officer – Lam Leung

Chief Press Liaison Officer – Kim Wright

Press Liaison Officer – Bill Walters