Portfolio Management

Here at Durham Capital Investments we fully understand that each individual is unique and has different life goals, and therefore a specific set of financial objectives. We also understand that your investment portfolio can be the key to the financial future of you and your loved ones, and how important it is for anyone to be able to secure and safeguard that future. A successful investment portfolio needs to be tailor-made for each individual client.


We will take the time to talk to you and understand your goals and aspirations, as well as your investment horizon and risk tolerance, and we will then advise and guide you on how to construct an investment portfolio and strategy which best suits your needs. We will help you to determine the right asset allocation for your objectives and we will guide you through any market fluctuations or changes in regulations.


  • We will consult with you to determine your life goals and investment objectives
  • We will analyze the global markets on your behalf and present you with our findings
  • We will advise you on your pension and insurance needs and estate planning options
  • We will explain how best to utilize offshore jurisdictions in order to mitigate tax burdens
  • We will work with you to construct a portfolio which is tailor-made to your needs


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