Here at Durham Capital Investments we have a very successful track record with Private Equity investments, especially in finding and investing in the right Venture Capital enterprises. We have long established, and permanently maintain, strategic partnerships with industry leaders in several sectors, and we have industry experts who specialize in finding prospective companies with solid potential for future growth.


We have designed a strategy which is founded on meticulous research  and due diligence in order to unearth the right companies who represent the most profitable investment opportunities with limited risk exposure. We provide the necessary capital and guidance, allowing our partner-firms to improve their profitability by making transformative acquisitions, technology upgrades, and being able to devote more resources to research and development.


We will:

  • Undertake intensive research and financial analysis of businesses on your behalf
  • Design a sector-based investment strategy to take advantage of industry trends
  • Take a long-term perspective of investment opportunities with a view to future growth
  • Target companies in need of capital but which we can also guide and advise
  • Share our resources and expertise with our partner-companies in order to aid growth


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